Sunday, 28 November 2010


For the look of 'Post For Tea' Leah suggested I look at Johnny The Homicidal Maniac, which I thought looked Grrrrrrrrreat as Tony would say, as it's a dark and a very high contrast black and white look to it, it ties in nicely with the theme of serial killers etc for what the music video is about.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Story Idea for a 1 min animation to co-inside with Music Video

Post For Tea

Scene 1
Killa Cook is waiting for the postman to come to the house, sitting on the couch biting his nails preferably, quick jerky eye movements looking at the clock. - 4-5 seconds estimate

Scene 2
when the postman comes with a package, killa cook is very happy , he peeps through the keyhole and looks at the postman, and licks his lips, rubs his hands together. 4 seconds estimate

Scene 3
Killa cook signs for the parcel with the pen he takes a slow evil look at the postman and then stabs him repeatedly with the pen, view of just the cook with the pen thrusting back and forth with blood splatting on the screen. - 6-7 estimate

Scene 4
Drags his corpse in through the door. 2-3 seconds estimate

Scene 5
shot of the cook with a butchers knife hacking away, don’t see the body in the shot just see blood splattering everywhere. 3 seconds estimate

Scene 6
Then buts different parts of the body in a pot with pepper salt and different spices, very happy sadistic face, giggling, licking lips. 6-8 seconds estimate

Scene 7
Killa Cook is sitting at the head of a table and sharpens knife and fork together, then the camera zooms out and fades with him eating and laughing. 5-6 seconds estimate 40 seconds - 1 min in total estimate.

New Character Designs N Thart

Tuesday, 9 November 2010