Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Open Brief IDEA

I think i'm going to do a 30 second animation, I was going to go for another pre-production project type thing, but as this is a animation course and in the final year I want to do an animation I need to brush up on my techniques etc.

My idea for the 30 seconds will be a short trailer for a film idea I have.

It's going to be a alternate future where Nazi Germany won and the world is in ruins, 2050's around that time i'm thinking.cyber-punk style.

Points/ideas/things -

  • Germania City of Berlin how Albert Sphere/Hitler would have built it if they had won
  • Hitler is brought back to life by Genetic enginering
  • Protaginist is a soldier/detective somewhat like Von Staffenburg
  • cyber-punk themes
  • look at BladeRunner/Albert Sphere Architecture/Valkyrie/Reinassance
  • A title for it
  • Main scenes for thr 30 seconds, city scape views, action, the hero, hitler etc