Thursday, 11 March 2010

Dr.Who Project Evaluation

The Dr.Who project was a pre-production based project and for this we had to choose from five scripts which were -

‘Voyage of the Damned’ written by Russell T Davies (Futuristic Titanic narrative)
‘Turn Left’ written by Russell T Davies (Futuristic Chinese narrative)
‘The Girl in the Fireplace’ written by Steven Moffat ( Louis XIII narrative)
‘The Shakespeare Code’ written by Gareth Roberts ( Shakespeare narrative)
‘The Fires of Pompeii’ written by James Moran ( Pompeii narrative)

At the start of the project we were put into small groups so we could cover the chosen areas of design and research which were architecture, characters/costume and props and after we had done initial research for each one on multiple scripts we were to pick out a script we liked best and further that into more detail and design work for the final stages of the concept designs.

After the group work was over and I'd had my taste in each one of the scripts and decided to go for the 'Titanic' based script as I had already done alot of sketches for it and had alot of ideas for what each scene would be like.

For the Titanic script there was a nice variety of characters being little red aliens , gold angel robots and your average wise captain. I had set ideas in my head already how I would draw the characters and backdrops etc and was very much finalised on how I had everything but I had trouble drawing the doctor in a good consisted way which was easily replicated for animation uses.

Looking around on my computer I found images of 'The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker'' concept art and I really fell in love with how simplistic and effective the characters were so in the end I went for that look and changed some of my characters.

My backgrounds all started off very normal as you would expect to see the Titanic but having been shown this '' '' steampunk animation which is amazing , I decided to try and incorporate a steampunk feel to it as the industrial revolution was around the early 20th century when the Titanic active.

I really enjoyed doing this project alot as I really like creating and developing characters and backdrops , polishing them up into something grand. When the project first started I really couldn't paint digitally in Photoshop at all but alot of practice in these couple of months and I feel like I’ve come along way to give it more of a professional look.

I am really happy about how all my designs of characters and backdrops came out , as I feel they could really work in a animation and also because I put alot of time into developing my ideas and finalizing them. I learnt that you really have to do research into your characters to make them work well and be believable which I will keep up in the future.

Designing the backgrounds was really interesting I wanted to have a steampunk theme to them I had to think about where cogs, gears and pressure gages would go to power a certain object and why they were there not just placed at random.

For the bible I didn't know how to put it together to be honest , but from what I heard it was all about the finished product so in my bible it's all the finished pieces of my concepts clearly labelled for what they are. For putting the Bible together I used InDesign which I have never used before and Alex was kind enough to give me a quick run through and after that it was smooth sailing.

As i've said I have really enjoyed this project alot and got really stuck into it through the designing and final stages , pre-production and concept art is something I am really interested in doing in future and as a whole I am happy with all my designs but I wish I could have had a finished digital version of the entertainment lounge where Astrid and other characters were interacting, but all my other designs took along time to do especially the character turnaround's and the 'Bridge', 'TARDIS' as they were very detailed and I tried to get the look of metal across and realism in the characters but still looking very cartoony.

Monday, 8 March 2010

bit more DR

Image from ''Jasper Morello'' reference for TARDIS INT

Some Character Designs from ''Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker'' reference for character designs.

TheDoctor Poses (above)

The Doctor Finished Turnaround (above)

The Doctor Turnaround (workingProgress)

Astrid Turnaround Sheet (above)

Midshipmanframe character and a extra (above)

Finished Bridge Concept (above)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010